In My Shoes: Bella Mackie

Bella Mackie is a London-based journalist and author. Published in 2018, Bella’s book Jog On was named a Sunday Times bestseller. Her writing has also been published in The Sunday Times, The Guardian, GQ among others, and she writes a weekly column for British Vogue. Follow @mackie_bella.

Tell us a little about you.
I am Bella, a writer living in London with my husband and our very idiotic dog. My first book was a surprise bestseller about the joys of running and my next book is a novel about murders. Slightly jarring but a little difference is a good thing, I hope...

How do you start your day?
I gulp down caffeine, dither about the house with the dog and eventually force myself out running when the caffeine has kicked in. I do this procrastination routine everyday, despite having been a runner for seven years. You’d think I’d have learnt to just do it.

What is your fashion philosophy?
Always be jazzy. Wear things which make you (or others) smile. Nothing I love more than complimenting a stranger on their neon pink trousers or beautiful shoes. I’m no minimalist.

Can you share your top tip?
It’s possibly slightly overused but I still find it very helpful, especially during this strange moment in time - “This too shall pass.”

What/who inspires you?
Anyone who follows through. I think it’s a trait I admire in others because I’m not so good at it myself.

How do you unwind?
Gosh, I have mega anxiety so I’m never completely unwound. But the closest I get to it is long walks and a glass of wine on a summer evening.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Right now I’d leap at the chance to go anywhere! But the places next on my list are the Scilly isles or Shetland. I want to be somewhere with more sheep than people.

Can you tell us something you discovered recently?
Slightly deep: that I could love my husband any more, but lockdown has been a revelation. Spend 6 months with only one person and it could go either way.
Not at all deep: how much better most people - men and women - look with longer lockdown hair.

What is the best part of your work?
Forming vague ideas and trying to convey them in a way that other people might enjoy is always a fun challenge. It’s a huge privilege to be able to sit at my kitchen table and write for a living. I am lucky, even when I’m stuck and can’t get the words right (which happens a lot).

Which shoes do you love this season?
I have spent most days this summer in my Agas, but I’m eyeing up the Sabine keenly. All the elegant flats would be on my wish list really. We’ll keep the heels for when there’s a fun party to go to!

Photo credit: Jenny Smith