Welcome to Rupert Sanderson

In the beginning...

Rupert started his career as a shoemaker relatively late at the age of 33. After attending the world-renowned Cordwainers College in East London, Rupert embarked on a journey of discovery across Italy. Winning a scholarship to design for a season with Sergio Rossi, he then took up a permanent position with the legendary Bolognese shoe brand Bruno Magli (now sadly and shamefully no more).

In 2001, he returned to London to launch his own eponymous label. Born out of the relationships and craftsmanship he had been exposed to in Italy and a divine sense of beauty and style, his first collection was picked up by Cynthia Marcus, doyenne of the American luxury department store Neman Marcus.

Since those early days, Rupert Sanderson has opened stores in London, Paris and Hong Kong, designed for film and the theatre, dressed women for the Oscars and won the prestigious British Fashion Council Accessory Designer of the Year in 2008.

The Craftsmanship...

Springing from simple design truth of less is more and achieving the most with the least, each collection is often inspired by the very materials of shoemaking themselves. Exploring the sensuality and richness in the last, the heels, the stunning leathers and storied fabrics, his aim is to give as much ‘air’ to these components and allow them to take perfect and graceful form.

Rupert Sanderson’s dedication to the craftsmanship of designing and making shoes lead him to taking ownership of a small artisanal factory high in the Apennine mountains of northern Italy. Remote and protected, it allowed him to forge real and deep relationships with the generations of skilled workers and through the mutual exchange of ideas and practices, he has been able to make some of the most stunning shoes in the world.

Our Vision...

Keeping things simple. Rupert focuses entirely on shoes and the best the fascinating world of Italian shoemaking has to offer. Each collection is designed entirely by Rupert, and through a rigorous process of editing, refinement and re-editing every shoe has its place in a collection. Over time, our signature classics have emerged. Women’s desires and needs are central to what inspires Rupert to design shoes. He recognises there is a practical need, but also sees and celebrates the transformation a beautiful, well- turned and often playful pair of shoes can have on a woman.

Join Us...

We invite you to step into the wonderful world of Rupert Sanderson, where craftsmanship meets artistry, and where each shoe tells its own unique story. Whether you are walking down a bustling city street of gracing an elegant soirée, let Rupert Sanderson be your companion on your journey.

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