In My Shoes: Sarah Karmali

Sarah Karmali is the Multiplatform Director at Harper's Bazaar UK. Starting her career at British Vogue, Marie Claire and InStyle, Sarah also wrote content for The Huffington Post. She was awarded Digital Content Leader of the Year in 2017, and in her role at Harper's Bazaar, oversees all digital strategy for the brand. Follow @sarah_karmali

How do you start your day?
With a cup of tea, always. Also, I know you shouldn’t look at your phone first thing, before you’re even out of bed, but I always do. I can’t help it. I’ll have a quick scroll through my emails and Instagram, then it’s a hot shower, a light bite for breakfast, out the door and generally in the office for 8.30am. I’ve always felt more productive in the mornings.

What is your fashion philosophy?
Find what makes you feel good and stick with it. It’s so easy to get distracted by passing trends, or what someone else looks good in – but if you don’t feel confident wearing it, don’t buy it. The beauty of finding your ‘uniform’ is that it makes getting dressed so much easier, and you’ll always feel comfortable. Mine is really simple: well-fitting jeans, a jumper or blazer, and a good pair of shoes.

Can you share your top tip?
I’m always running around (and often late) so 99% of the time I will leave the house in trainers and have a spare pair of shoes in my bag to change into once I get there. It also means that your favourite shoes don’t get worn out so quickly!
Also, good hair and good nails go a long way. If you can get a blow-dry and a manicure (or spend the time doing them yourself) then you will always look polished, no matter what you’re wearing. It’s doing a couple of high-maintenance things that allow you to be low-maintenance with everything else.

What / who inspires you?
My friends. I think it’s good to surround yourself with people that you can learn from and I think they are all much smarter, more capable and funnier than me.

How do you unwind?
With a glass of wine (or two) and whatever TV show I’m currently obsessed with – or an old favourite to rewatch. Right now, I’ve just started season two of House of the Dragon and I’m also rewatching Parks & Recreation – that show never gets old. I also always feel really good after a Reformer Pilates class, so will always try and fit one in at the weekend.

If you could visit anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be?
Vancouver, because I have family out there and I try and go at least once a year. It’s one of my favourite places in the world; it’s got everything – mountains, beaches, city – and the people are all so friendly. I’ve not made it in 2024 yet so I’d go tomorrow if I could!

Can you tell us something you discovered recently?
Dior’s Ambre Nuit fragrance. I’ve got the candle in my living room and I can’t get enough.

What is the best part of your job?
Meeting interesting people. Throughout my career I’ve had the privilege of interviewing or being introduced to hundreds of brilliant people, from Hollywood actresses to designers, artists and entrepreneurs. It’s very inspiring. I also love that I get to travel, and have so many excuses to dress up for very fabulous work events.

Which (Rupert Sanderson) shoes do you love this season?
I love the Goldfire mules with gold buckles; they remind me of a pair my mum used to wear, so there’s a real sense of nostalgia about them for me. Plus I always find mules more comfortable, and these are heels that I could easily wear all night. But my ultimate go-to shoes are the black suede Malory pumps that I’ve had for years; I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve worn them.

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